BASi C3 Cell Stand



The BASi C-3 Cell Stand is a general-purpose accessory for electroanalytical experiments. It firmly holds all the components of the electrochemical cell (vial, electrodes, top) and provides a convenient means of stirring and purging the analyte solution. All functions can be controlled manually or remotely by CV-50W, 100B/W, and epsilon electrochemical instruments. The package includes a glassy carbon and a platinum working electrode and all accessories needed to conduct basic electrochemistry experiments.The cell can be enclosed in the included Faraday Cage to minimize electrical interference. A built-in gas control allows purging or blanketing of the sample prior to or during analysis. The magnetic stirrer allows controlled agitation of the sample for experiments requiring convective mass transport of analyte to the electrode surface (e.g., anodic stripping voltammetry). The cell arm with detachable cell top allows easy access to the electrodes for rinsing, cleaning, or replacement. The stir motor/cell vial base pivots for easy removal and replacement of the cell vial. The standard, three-electrode cell lead is easily interchanged with either the Low Current or AC Impedance Modules.