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Institut de Science et d' Ingénierie Supramoléculaires

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Making light of self-assembly pathways - Laboratoire de Chimie et des Biomatériaux Supramoléculaires

Cell Imaging

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New Publications

  • "Stabilisation effects of phosphane ligands in the homogeneous approach of sunlight induced hydrogen production", Brueggeller, P.; Strabler, C.; Sinn, S.; Pehn, R.; Pann, J.; Dutzler, J.; Viertl, W.; Prock, J.; Ehrmann, K.; Weninger, A.; Kopacka, H.; De Cola, L., Faraday Discuss. , Faraday Discuss. In press.
    Faraday Discuss. ,
  • "Nanoenabled Products: Categories, Manufacture, and Applications", W. Wohlleben, C. Punckt, J. Aghassi-Hagmann, F. Siebers, F. Menzel, D. Esken, C.-P. Drexel, H. Zoz, H. U. Benz, A. Weier, M. Hitzler, A. I. Schäfer, L. D. Cola, E. A. Prasetyanto, Wiley, In Metrology and Standardization of Nanomaterials Protocols and Industrial Innovations, Mansfield, E.; Kaiser, D.; Fujita, D.; van de Voorde, M. , Eds. Wiley: Heidelberg, 2016, 411-465.
  • "Fast targeting and cancer cell uptake of luminescent antibody-nanozeolite bioconjugates", R. Marega, E. A. Prasetyanto, C. Michiels, L. De Cola, D. Bonifazi, Small, Small, 2016, 12, 5431-5441 (cover of the issue).
  • "Nanocomposite Hydrogels as Platform for Cells Growth, Proliferation and Chemotaxis", F. Fiorini, E.A. Prasetyanto, F. Taraballi, L. Pandolfi, F. Monroy, I. López-Montero, E. Tasciotti, L. De Cola, Small, Small, 2016, 12, 4881–4893 (back cover)..
  • "Discrete polygonal supramolecular architectures of isocytosine-based Pt(II) complexes at the solution/graphite interface", M. El Garah, S. Sinn, A. Dianat, R. Gutierrez, L. De Cola, G. Cuniberti, A. Ciesielski, P. Samorì, Chem. Commun, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 11163-11166..
    Chem. Commun,