• "Nano Tracking", Functional Nanomaterials for Multimodality Cancer Imaging.
    Project duration: 2011-2016.
  • "Interuniversity Attraction Poles - Phase VII - Functional Supramolecular Systems", Collaboration with KU Leuven.
    Project duration: 2012/2017.
  • "Axa Grant", Donation from Axa for research for which Professor De Cola has a Chair.
    Project duration: 2012/2022.
  • "Roche Diagnostics GmbH", Industrial collaboration with Roche Diagnostics.
    Project duration: 2012-.


  • "MaGIC", ERC advanced grant.
    Project duration: 2009-2015.
  • "Magnifyco", Magnetic Nanocontainers for Combined Hypertermia and Drug Release.
    Project duration: 2009-2013.
  • "SACS", Self Assembly in Confined Space.
    Project duration: 2013-2016.
  • "Chaire Gutenberg", Allowance from the Région d'Alsace to help settle Professor De Cola's laboratory.
    Project duration: 2011/2013.
  • "Solvay", Reasearch collaboration.
    Project duration: 06/2013-08/2013.