Current Member

Pierre Picchetti

PhD Student

Office: ISIS 2.25
Telp: +33 368 855 211


 10/2014 – 10/2016 Master of Science (Chemistry), University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy)

• Study emphases: Methodologies of Synthesis and Bio-Organic Chemistry
• Master Thesis: “Synthesis and Application of Integrin Targeted Nanostructures” – Advisor: Prof. Dr. Luca Gentilucci

10/2010 – 09/2014 Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
• Bachelor Thesis: “Studien zur Bestimmung der Enantiomerenverhältnisse von Alkoholen und Aminen ohne zusätzliche chirale Information” (“Studies on the determination of enantiomeric excess of alcohols and amines without additional chiral information”) – Advisor: Prof. Dr. Harry Martin





R. De Marco, A. Greco, N. Calonghi, S. D. Dattoli, M. Baiula, S. Spampinato, P. Picchetti, L. De Cola, M. Anselmi, F. Cipriani, L. Gentilucci, Selective detection of α4β1 integrin (VLA-4)-expressing cells using peptide-functionalized nanostructured materials mimicking endothelial surfaces adjacent to inflammatory sites. Biopolymers 2017,e23081