Current Member

Emilia Severoni

PhD Student

Office: ISIS 2.25
Telp: +33 368 855 211

Emilia Severoni was born in 06/06/1993 in Velletri (RM). In 2015 she received her bachelor of science in chemistry with full score cum laude at University of Rome “Sapienza” under the supervision of prof. Delia Gazzoli discussing the thesis “Preparation and characterization of supporting system based on Cu supported on ZrO2”. In 2017 she received in the same university her master of science in chemistry, curriculum inorganic-physical chemistry, with full score cum laude under the supervision of prof. Luciano Galantini discussing the thesis “Characterization of catanionic mixtures based on bile salt derivatives”. Since 2017 she is a PhD student  attending the doctorate in “Mathematical Models for Engineering, Electromagnetics and Nanosciences” curriculum Materials Science under the supervision of prof. Luciano Galantini.


The topic of research includes the design, self-assembly characterization and applications of amphiphiles  derived by biological molecules such as bile salts. By introducing chemical modifications on steroidal backbones  it’s possible to induce the formation of uncommon supramolecular structures characterized by high degree of chirality. The biocompatibility of precursor molecules and the unique self assembly provide appealing environmentally and biomedically friendly applications in drug delivery systems and material developments